Returning to Liberal Arts

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What is a return to on-site work?

Any regularly scheduled, planned time on campus for a period of two hours or longer, on a recurring basis.  This does not include brief visits to pick up supplies/materials; getting mail; etc.

Until otherwise directed by the University, the College of the Liberal Arts is encouraging the continuation of remote work whenever possible.  However, we recognize that there are some instances where returning to an on-site location is necessary or preferred.  Individuals who have a need to return to campus, either on a partial or full basis, must seek support from their supervisor and be approved through the University Return to Work Authorization process. 

Over the longer term, we anticipate a phased approach to returning to on-site work based on the following;

  1. Those who cannot work remotely due to nature of the work or technology limitations

  2. Those who are more effective performing their work on-site or are needed on-site to support critical programming

  3. Phased return for all others based on need and circumstance

However, for the immediate, those who can continue to perform their work remotely will continue to do so.

Per University directive, “No member of the University community may return to the workplace until they have received the appropriate approval(s) and have acknowledged their personal responsibility to comply with this plan. Failure to receive approval or comply with applicable guidelines will result in immediate on-site work stoppage.”

If you need to return to on-site work and have not yet been authorized, or if you are not sure if you have been authorized, please contact your supervisor or departmental staff for assistance. 

For more information on returning to on-site work  please visit Penn State Return to Work on Campus .

Updated: August 11, 2020