FAQ on Academic Suspension and Dismissal

A student who has been academically suspended may not schedule courses at the University for two consecutive semesters, including summer session. Prior to suspension, a student should meet with their assigned adviser to discuss their department’s policy for re-enrollment. During this meeting, students should also consider:

  • Challenges that led to the suspension
  • If returning is the right option, and how to overcome challenges
  • Goals for the time suspended

A student who has been actively engaged in following an academic success action plan may submit a Faculty Senate Petition for either a stay of suspension or a shortened suspension. Students must contact the academic recovery specialist before the end of finals of the semester in question to discuss options for petitioning.

What to Do Next

Apply for Re-enrollment  

It is important that this is submitted at the same time you submit your online self-reflection worksheet.

Complete the online self-reflection worksheet  

To be considered for return after suspension, students must submit by the following deadlines:

  • To return for spring semester: November 15
  • To return for summer semester: April 1
  • To return for fall semester: July 15

If approved for re-enrollment after the suspension, a student must earn a minimum 2.00 semester grade-point average to remain enrolled. If a student does not earn a minimum 2.00 semester grade-point average, the student is subject to academic dismissal and is no longer permitted to take courses at the University.